Bible Study Resources

As you walk with the Lord, you will realize, that the "Long Ranger" mindset (go-it-alone) is NOT a healthy mindset for a Christian; although, even "The Lone Ranger" had Tonto.  We need the "body of Christ" to help us grow. Ephesian 4 gives some great instruction for believers and for the importance of the "local church" or "local body of Christ." A Christian should be an active, faithful, attending member of a local church. To "unplug" (stop physically attending) from your local church is not only Spiritually unhealthy, it is also direct disobedience to the Lord's commands (Hebrews 10:25 & other passages). God created us to be social creatures and developing healthy close relationships within the body of Christ helps us in the struggles of life. We call it good Christian "body life health" and it is vitally important. Never let online Bible resources take the place of local church attendance, membership and involvement in ministry. On this page we offer some other tools to help you understand the "will of God" which is found in the "Word of God." Simply click on the links to these online Bible Study resources. Please check them out and ask any questions as well as suggest other resources to us. 

Online bibles

Our church app called The Brookhill Brook (The Brook when downloaded) is available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store for free. It comes with an online Bible that has multiple versions and can also be listened to via the audio feature. There is also You Version app at, Some good online Bibles for computers are,,

Christian teaching videos

There are several excellent teaching video resources online and here are links to a few. None of these resources are "perfect", so there links here does not mean that we endorse everything that these ministries may hold, so be "Bereans.", Thru the Bible <>, Way of the Master / Living Waters,, All Christian Movies

teach us to pray

Prayer is the Christian's Hotline to Heaven and all of the resources and power of God await us., but how should we pray? Here are some helpful resources., Christ Life Ministries, The Prayer Mate App

help for the home

The first institution that God created was marriage and family - "home." It was also the first place that Satan attacked, by dividing the wife and husband to "beguile" or seduce one away from the other. Our world today tries to attack the family as it was established and defined by God. Here are some weapons to help your family win the war. Focus on the Family, Family Talk w/ Dr. James Dobson, Family Life, Christ Life Ministries, Crown Financial Ministries to help w/finances

help for addictions

Addictions come in many shapes, sizes and colors, but they are all devastating to the one ensnared by them. Whether it is drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, sex, pornography, gambling or something else the Scripture gives us plenty of instructions on how to "overcome" and gain victories in these battles for the mind and body. Here are some resources for you and your loved ones to tap into. RU Recovery Ministries, Celebrate Recovery, What Christians Want to Know then search for "Overcoming Addictions"

christian apologetics

Every Christian needs to not only know what to believe, but why we believe it. Being able to stand fast in your faith and know what all to do is how we become equipped to "give a defense" of the faith, so that we can answer for the "hope that is within us." Here are some resources to help you in this defense. Christian Answers, Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry, Josh McDowell A CRU Ministry, Answers in Genesis, Lee Strobel Ministries